Ballet & fetishism

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Do you adore dancewear (leotards, tights, legwarmers & more)?
pointe shoes ballet ribbons love fetish

Or perhaps you love the beauty of a pointe shoe? Or maybe you love the soft, cute innocence of a ballet slipper?…
Or maybe you are like me and are obsessed with all things ballet!? If so, you will love reading this post πŸ˜‰

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for fabrics/textures. Soft delicate to restrictive second skin fabrics.
I also adore footwear including high heels, boots and of course soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes.
misslollirot vivica vain assistedsuicide en pointe in latex and lace and ballet tights tease alternative alt model pointes foot fetish feet dominant domme model

I’ve been a dancer since a young age, but I didn’t start ballet till I was in my twenties.
Now at nearly 25 I have done ballet for 4 years!
When starting ballet, my obsession with dancewear rekindled and I soon found myself with over 20 leotards in an array of delicious
fabrics and styles, cute ballet skirts, various legwarmers of all different lengths, ballet warmups, of course plenty of tights in
different styles AND a huge array of soft ballet shoes then finally demi pointe and pointe shoes.
However, I’m not particularly into tutus myself!

I love the smooth feeling of super soft ballet tights against bare skin. And my favorite are convertible foot tights because then
I can access my feet/toes with ease to sort them out for pointe shoes πŸ™‚

Layering different items of dance wear ontop of eachother is also pretty cool because you get a huge variety of textures.
My usual combination consists of: Convertible foot soft light pink ballet tights, leotard, warm up shorts or ballet skirt, thigh
length legwarmers, a shrug and/or a jumper/cardigan.

I try out many different brands of soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes. And of course, everyone has their own preference πŸ™‚
I’ve also attended a pointe shoe fitting course by Grishko.

I love to chat with people who share my passion for ballet and dancewear. Including crossdressers and other fetishists.
I also sell my worn trashed dirty soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes. So if you are ever interested do contact me!

Now of course, ballet itself is terribly hard but the challenge makes it ever so more appealing…
It is very fetishistic when you think of it… The pain, the training, the discipline, pushing yourself to limits you never
thought you could ever dream of reaching… The blood, sweat and tears. An extreme sport but so beautiful at the sametime.
Afterall, no pain no gain πŸ˜‰

For me, ballet is also a great escapism. It provides amazing endorphin rushes like no other form of exercise!
It makes me escape my worries of daily life and slips me into another world…

The amazing strength of a ballet dancers foot, her incredible arches en pointe are incredibly alluring and beautiful.
There is nothing quite like a beautiful foot in a perfectly fitted pointe shoe en pointe.

The sound of a pointe shoe en pointe going across the floor is such an incredible sound too.
That’s shoes which aren’t the stage quiet ones haha.

I love to wear my ballet wear and pointe shoes on photoshoots too. Especially mixing fabrics together.
As you would have seen, I just LOVE mixing latex, lace, ballet tights and pointe shoes together πŸ™‚
assistedsuicide vivica vain misslollirot pointes pointe shoes model fetish latex boobs topless alt alternative sweet innocent cute pale gothic goth legs curvy curves photoshoot

I love going and trying on tons of different pointe shoes. Learning about them, helpings others get that perfect fit.
Breaking in new pointe shoes is also a lengthly process and differs to each dancer. It is a ritual in itself.
I actually find sewing my pointe shoe ribbons and elastics very therapeutic. Also the breaking in of a pointe shoe
therapeutic yet sometimes frustrating lol.
Breaking in the demi pointe just right so you can get that delicious soft roll through… Softening the shank so it just
melts into your arch… Softening the box just a little to mould to your foot/toes… Such a process but such a divine process.

The death of a pointe shoe can approach all too quick…
Such a brief affair… Can be a few days, a week, a few weeks or a month.
Or, if you are lucky even a few months! Till it’s time to part ways and take on something new…
ballet shoes lots of pointe shoes en pointe grishko freed suffolk bloch gamba etc  hanging bows ribbons elastics arty art worn trashed dirty footfetish feet fetish

Do you share my fetish? Do you enjoy dancewear, ballet shoes or pointe shoes?
Share your stories in the comments below or email me!
You can also book me for a ballet photoshoot or videoshoot and also book me for private sessions and of course as mentioned you can
also buy my worn tights, dancewear and soft ballet shoes plus pointe shoes.
I also offer styling, makeovers (which of course includes professional make-up) for those of you out there who may crossdress and
require assistance. Also personal shopping including pointe shoe fitting πŸ™‚

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misslollirot assistedsuicide vivica vain en pointe nude artnude artistic pointes en pointes pointe shoes ballet legs curves curvy pale alt alternative model photoshoot fetishmodel

assistedsuicide misslolliort vivica vain domme fetish en pointe london night tights

  1. 5 years ago

    Wow. Love the blog. I also have a fetish for the warm up shorts and pants. You know the shiny kind? Will you be incorporating this at all?

  2. 5 years ago

    I love your blog. For me is the same. Im a ballet lover. Everything about ballet. Shoes, leotards, unitards, tutus, lycra leggins, all.

    And if you wanna chat…. Well i will be happy.


    Stay on pointe.


  3. 5 years ago
    Christina (aka Reina99)

    YOU ARE DIVINE. You Brits are so refined. I’m sure you’ll have great success providing service as a Dom.

  4. 5 years ago

    Hey Lovely Lady! Your blog is a pointe fetishist’s dream cum true. Thanks! For creating it, Please do not stop. We need more blogs, groups, and websites devoted to the pointe footwear fetish. Love Kisses & Huges En Pointe!

  5. 5 years ago

    Hi, I love your photos and your web-page!

    I am a ballet shoe fetishist, and have been since around the age of 3 or 4.
    I love the innocence and prettiness of the beautiful little soft-toe ballet slippers and the grace and elegance of pointe shoes!

    To me there is nothing more beautiful than a girl in ballet shoes! So your photos really Really excite me!

    I have a good collection of soft-toe slippers and pointes, I don’t myself wear them, that’s not my thing, it has to be a girl wearing them!
    I love mixing ballet slippers with stockings, latex mini skirts, or French maid’s uniform.

    Its sooo rare to find another with my fetish so you can imagine just how pleased I am to have discovered your page!

    Do please tell me where I can see more pics of you in ballet shoes, and especially in soft-toe ballet slippers (red leather with white stockings/black fishnets and pink satin slippers with grey stockings being my favorite colour schemes).

    I look forward to hearing from you, you beautiful kinky ballerina doll.

    Ballet Master

  6. 5 years ago

    β€œfetishism of ballet fetish pointe shoes
    dancewear |” was a fantastic blog post,
    cannot wait to look over more of your articles. Time to squander some time on the net haha.
    Thanks a lot -Taren

  7. 5 years ago

    I totally love your pics! You’re poses en pointe are so exciting and sensuous to say the least. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t turned onto pointe footwear and you pose in pointe shoes so well. Thanks for taking the time to share you lovely pics with others who love poitnework.

  8. 5 years ago

    Do you ever wear full sole black ballet slippers?I think they’re attractive an I realy like to know from you if you think black ballet shoes are cute for having white bottoms or soles and when they become well worn after danced alot showing its wear almost black shiny and smooth and the remaining white in the center of the sole like a little patch or maybe a shrunken little sole surrounded by the dirty shiny smooth black wear.

    • 4 years ago

      I never wear full sole but I could if you wanted a custom video or a pair worn in to buy from me. When I wear my soft ballet shoes the pad bits under the foot and heel go hard and shiny yes


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